All range of UV, CPL filter for GoPro Action Camera. Filter with adapter to fit directly to lens or waterproof housing.

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Color Filter for HERO5

Color Filter for HERO5Features:-Quality diving filter to correct white balance during underwater sho..

RM34 RM19


GoPro 52mm UV Filter

GoPro UV CPL Filter with 52mm filter thread. Set come with adapter to camera lens, filter can be sep..

RM85 RM49


GoPro 6-in-1 Filter Set

GoPro 6-in-1 Filter Set 52mm mount with square housing adapter allow you to mount filter onto waterp..

RM399 RM198


GoPro Diving Filter Set

Diving filter is useful for underwater sport activity as it can helps to correct the blue cast of th..

RM349 RM29


GoPro HERO4 Session 58mm UV/CPL Filter

GoPro Session UV filter and CPL Filter 58mm filter thread with adapter to Session camera directly. A..

RM108 RM54


GoPro HERO5 UV/CPL Filter

GoPro HERO5 UV/CPL FilterUV filter: Protect lens from dirt and dust. Prevent scratches and reduce UV..

RM89 RM49


GoPro Star Filter

GoPro Star Filter or starburst filter is suitable for GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4 action camera. It can m..

RM85 RM35


GoPro UV Filter

GoPro UV Filter set come with adapter to camera lens, filter can be separated and attached with othe..

RM79 RM34


GoPro Waterproof Housing Filter Adapter

GoPro diving accessories must-have filter adapter. Square adapter allow your round filter to mount i..

RM49 RM24


Lens Filter Pocket Holder

6 Pocket Filters Storage Case, Carrying Pouch, or Wallet Holder for GoPro Filters, DSLR Filters, etc..

RM49 RM15


Macro Close Up Filter

Filter for macro photography made possible with this filter. Shoot a close-up shot like insects etc...

RM109 RM49


Red Filter for HERO5 Waterproof housing 45m

Red Filter for HERO5 Waterproof housing 45mFeatures:-Quality diving filter to correct white balance ..

RM54 RM24